Staff Directory

Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester
Department of Pastoral Services
1150 Buffalo Road, Rochester, New York 14624

Michael Sauter
Diocesan Director
Department of Pastoral Services
Telephone: (585) 328-3228 ext. 1337

Rev. Jesús Flores

Diocesan Coordinator of Migrant Ministry
Telephone: (585) 328-3228 ext. 1354

Luci Romero

Regional Coordinator - Wayne County
Telephone: (585) 747-9003

Jorge Salgado

Regional Coordinator - NW Monroe & Livingston Counties
Telephone: (585) 328-3228 ext. 1340

Sr. Kay Schwenzer, R.S.M.

Volunteer Pastoral Minister in Wayne,
Ontario, Yates, Seneca & Cayuga Counties
Telephone: (315) 277-0302

Carmen Rollinson
Project Manager
Office of Cultural Ministries
Telephone: (585) 328-3228 ext. 1318

Contacts by Region

Wayne County

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Marion, NY
Luci Romero, Regional Coordinator
(585) 747-9003


Counties of Wayne, Ontario, Yates, Seneca, & Cayuga

St. Francis de Sales Church, Geneva, NY
St. Michael Church, Newark, NY
Sr. Kay Schwenzer, R.S.M., Volunteer Pastoral Minister
(315) 277-0302


Counties of NW Monroe & Livingston

Nativity BVM Church, Brockport, NY
San Juan Diego Community, Leicester, NY
Jorge Salgado, Regional Coordinator
(585) 328-3228 ext. 1340